7 tips and tricks to always look cool in the pool

7 tips and tricks to always look cool in the pool

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Beauty, Fashion

7 tips and tricks to always look cool in the pool

by | Jul 19, 2017

When I hear the word ‘summer’ I think about drinking cocktails, long evening walks, catching up with friends, etc. But I also think about bikini season. The sound of these two words together frighten me a lot. Especially this year I didn’t feel ready to put on swimwear at all. I had been exercising 3 times a week but my diet wasn’t very much on point (I blame it on my ice cream addiction). So when the first rays of sunshine appeared in this rainy country and my boyfriend suggested to go swimming I felt like I was gonna have a panic attack (ok panic attack may be a little over-exaggerated but I was panicking). What about my flappy arms and my cellulite bottom? On top of this all my legs were as white as a fresh glass of soy milk. But my boyfriend (as most men) didn’t understand the problem and suggested we would just go. I decided I had to make the most of what I had going on. So this blogpost is for all my girls who also don’t feel bikini ready but still want to look cool in the pool.

Here’s what I did:

I often don’t feel comfortable showing my stomach as I feel bloated a lot of the time. I think swimming suits are often more curve hugging and flattering on my body. As I gained weight, not only my legs and my bottom became bigger, but also my boobs grew (hello big breasts) So I thought ‘why not show them off?’ All of the attention would go to them and no one would look at my cellulite. I found this cute pink swimming suit from Newlook. It reminded me of one I had for my Barbie dolls. And everything that reminds me of Barbie is cute, right?

Accessories are a good way to glam up an outfit. This bandana from Zara is perfect for keeping my hair out of my face.




Although some people may think I’m crazy, I like to wear some make-up when I go ‘swimtanning’ (when you do more tanning than swimming). It isn’t about covering up things I don’t like, it’s all about showing off the things I do like! Wearing some bright lipsticks and some (waterproof) mascara makes me feel like a Pooldiva and totally pool-confident.



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